Wild Wild Westlake

Bidding Procedures

You must first Register to bid in the auction and have a current credit card on file.  See the Registration tab for instructions.  An expired credit card will prevent you from bidding.

All firearms will have photos and a description.  The firearms may be examined at the Wild Wild Westlake office by appointment.

Prebidding and Normal Bids

The auctions run the first two weeks of every month.  Items can be bid on as soon as they are posted.  The auction bidding is only online and the last bid date and time will be posted for every firearm.  The current high bid and user name of the bidder will be on the website.  If you have bid on an item and are outbid, you will receive an email.  It is your responsibility to make sure our emails are not blocked.

Auto Bid

You may enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item.   The Auto Bid feature will increase your bid in the posted increments up to the maximum amount you entered.  If your Auto Bid is outbid, an email will be sent to you.

Wish List

You can mark the items you want to track under your account name.   You can view all of the items you are tracking without having to scroll through the whole list of auction items.

For Sale – No Bidding

A few items may be listed on the web site with a fixed price.  There is no bidding on these firearms.  The first offer at the set price buys the item.

Winning Bids

There is a 15% commission with a 3% discount for cash, check or money order.  All winning bidders who have not made other arraignments prior to the deadline will have the appropriate bid price plus the buyer’s premium processed to the credit card on file.