Wild Wild Westlake

Buyer Information

Buyer Qualifications/Gun Laws

Wild Wild Westlake abides by all State and Federal Firearms Laws.  Federal Firearms Laws require that you must be at least 18 years of age to bid on rifles and shotguns and that you be at least 21 years of age to bid on handguns.  You are responsible to know the guns laws in your state when bidding.  For example, no pistol grip rifles can be shipped to individuals in NY.  If you bid and win a prohibited firearm, your payment will be processed and the firearm will be retained for sale in the next auction.  You will be issued a check after it is sold less a 12% consignment fee.  You must know your state laws!

Arrangement for payment for winning bids must be made by 5pm EST on the Tuesday following the auction.  There is a 15% buyer premium with a 3% discount for cash, check or money order.  All winning bidders who have not made other arraignments prior to the deadline will have the appropriate bid price plus the buyer’s premium process to the credit card on file.

If you win a WWWCF firearms auction, and reside in a state other than Ohio, you must provide us with a current signed FFL license from your local gun dealer within 48 hours.  Your firearms will be shipped to your designated FFL, where you must pass the NICS FBI instant check before the firearm is transferred to you.  All fees charged by the FFL are your responsibility.  Ohio residents can drive to the Westlake store during store hours and immediately take possession upon passing the FBI Instant check.   Note that firearms that qualify as Curio & Relic can be shipped directly to you upon receipt of a signed current copy of your C&R License.

If you are not residing in the US, note that WWWCF does not have an export license.  Therefore you can only bid if you are a dealer located in the US who has an export license.  Also, payment may only be made in US funds for a firearm won in the auction.  Items for non US residents will not be shipped until such time as the funds clear the bank.

Pickup vs Shipping of Firearms

Ohio residents may pick up firearms at the Ohio store by appointment.  You must also pass the FBI Instant Check.   Out of state residents can pick up long guns only; handguns must be shipped to your out of state dealer/FFL.  Shipping/insurance is $16-$30 for handguns and $30-$40 for long guns (rifles or shotguns).  If you have purchased multiple firearms, we will ship as many as we can in one carton and the price will be less.   Long guns in the factory box or large cases normally will ship separately.  All shipments are insured for at least the bid price.

Firearms picked up at the Ohio store will be charged the 8.0% Ohio sales tax.  Firearms shipped to an Ohio address will be charged the sales tax for that county.

If you reside outside of Ohio, the firearms must be shipped to your gun dealer/FFL.  Any fees imposed by the dealer are your responsibility.   Failure to pass the FBI Instant Check will result in the firearm being returned to WWWCF and included in the next auction; for which you will be charged a 12% commission.   If an item cannot be shipped to you due to your state laws, it will be included in the next auction and a 12% commission will be deducted from the proceeds.  It is your responsibility to know the laws of the state in which you reside.

Firearms classified as antiques may be shipped directly to you (manufactured before 1898).  C&R qualified firearms can be shipped directly to you upon receipt of a C&R license.  Non-firearms such as air guns, pellet guns, swords, etc, may be shipped directly to you (must be at least 18 years of age).

If you do not reside in the US see Buyer Qualifications / Gun Laws above.