Usually you do not associate guns with art, but when we think about it, they can be. From the way they are designed, the history they tell us and how collectors spend good money on displaying guns. They are not just weapons, guns can be works of art as well.


Guns can tell us about the history and the kind of technology and innovation of the time. We have seen guns that jailers used in the 1800’s that also doubled as keys. These key guns were not much bigger than most keys now and were able to protect guards while dealing with prisoners. We can also look at the advancement at guns and technology during the world wars. When armies starting using larger weapons, like tanks and planes, guns were created to fight off these machines. And even in the modern day, guns continue to show the innovation of our time. We have snipers that can hit targets miles away. Just like paintings can capture a moment in time, guns can help capture a specific time period.


Like art collectors, gun collectors take great pride in their items. Display cases and closets can be “decorations” to a room. Like art pieces, gun collections can add a museum type atmosphere that can be admired and viewed.

Here are two examples from Houzz:



Another part of the gun world are the auctions. Buying and selling antique firearms is a big business that is very popular amongst gun enthusiasts. Just like bidding on art pieces, gun auctions help collectors grow their collection of valuable items.

Guns are more than just a defense weapon, they’re art. Collectors display them proudly and spend time and money to make sure they look nice.

You can check out some Wild Wild Westlake’s “art” by visiting our website here.