Wild Wild Westlake is proud to introduce our new on-site gunsmith, Gene! Gene will be able to provide all of our customers and any gun owners with expert experience and training to help with issues including, gun malfunctions, general repair, gun cleaning, as well as installation of sites and grips from our Westlake, OH location.

Gene has an extensive background with gun maintenance, beginning when he was young and spending time with his dad and grandpa loading guns and getting them ready for hunting and skeet shooting.

Our continued success as an gun auction company will only get better as we bring on our new team member. Besides working on guns that are in need of repair or cleaning, Gene will also be inspecting all guns before they go up for auction to ensure they are working properly and ready for sale.

The best tip that we can give gun owners is to make sure they are cleaning their guns and keeping them in good shape. Gene says that if you keep a good maintenance schedule, your gun will have no problem working for a long time. Some of the common issues that can cause a gun to not work correctly include things such as dirt and debris build up, as well as not using correct ammo.

Gun chambers, after a lot of use, will begin to get jammed up with things like lube and dirt, this can lead to a gun not firing correctly. Another issue Gene mentions is not using the correct bullet. One brand of bullets may work, but another brand, even with the same caliber bullet, may not work for the gun. Although the bullets may be the same caliber, the gun powder used in these bullets may include a slower or faster burning powder. So it is important to use a brand that works well with your gun.

Are you in the Westlake, OH area and need a gun cleaning or repair?

If so, Gene would be happy to help you. Whether you are a Wild Wild Westlake customer or just a gun owner that has some questions, we welcome you to stop by our shop in Westlake, OH.

You can reach Gene at WWWGunsmith@Gmail.com.