As the weather starts to turn, many people will be looking for outdoor activities. Now is the time to get out to the outdoor ranges, enjoy the weather and hone your shooting skills. Whether its long range target shooting, busting clays or breaking out the handguns for some target fun.

Every shooter has their preferred targets. Whether it’s steel targets for long range shooters, targets or bulls-eye for closer range. The best way to practice your skills is to have a range of different targets. You can bring a variety of targets and set them up at certain distances to practice short and long range.


Clay targets are one of the favorites for shotgun practice. Many people think of clay targets as ones that are launched into the air, while you can do this, you can also place them upright to practice your distance. It is an easy way to know if you hit your target or not.


Another classic target, the silhouette target offers a shooter an easy way to test accuracy. Most ranges will have these kinds of targets and they are great for pistol practice.

Animal Targets

Animal targets offer hunters a good way to practice before going out in the wilderness. Some of these targets also show you where you should shoot the animal to quickly kill it. If you are a hunter or just want to switch up your targets, these are good targets to use.

Metal Spinner

For the long range shot, metal spinner targets, like clay targets, offer an easy way to see if you hit your target.

There are numerous kinds of targets and material that you can use at the range. If you are looking to find a gun you can take out to the range and work on your shot, stop by our website and browse our inventory!