Wild Wild Westlake

Buyer User Agreement

It is the buyer’s responsibility to know and abide by the terms of the online auctions at Wild Wild Westlake.  Bidding on firearms can be a lot of fun.  However, if you place the winning bid you just purchased a firearm and are legally bound to complete the transaction.

Register – you must have a user name and password to bid, and a current credit card on file.

Know Your Local and Federal Laws – All federal and State firearm laws govern our online auctions.   We are an FFL dealer and do not make any exceptions.

Bidding – registered buyers may bid as soon as an item is open for bidding in the monthly auction.   We are in the Eastern Time Zone and each lot has a different end time.  Bids received within five (5) minutes of the posted end time will extend that lot’s end time by five additional minutes.

The Auto Bid feature allows you to enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item.   Your bid will increase in the posted increments up to the maximum amount you entered.  If your Auto Bid is outbid, an email will be sent to you.  Remember that if another bidder enters a regular bid that is equal to your maximum bid, they are the current high bidder.

All winning bids are final and will be posted on the website.  All acts of nature, computer glitches, etc., may require that an auction be paused and restarted at a later time.  There is a 15% commission with a 3% discount for cash, check or money order.

Additional pictures or information will be available by emailing or calling the store.  A physical inspection can be made at the Westlake store; call for hours.  All sales are final and are sold “as is”.  We do not test fire the firearms and make no claims as to the actual firing condition.

Winning bids picked up at the Westlake store must be by the same person registered on this site.   And that person must pass the NICS FBI instant check.  See the “buyer information” tab for details on shipping.  Wild Wild Westlake abides by all State and Federal Firearms Laws.  Federal Firearms Laws required that you must be at least 18 years of age to bid/purchase a rifle or shotgun and that you be at least 21 years of age to bid/purchase a handgun.  You are responsible to know the guns laws in your state when bidding.   If you bid and win a prohibited firearm, your payment will be processed and the firearm will be retained for sale in the next auction.  You will be issued a check after it is sold less a 12% consignment fee.  It is your responsibility to know your state laws.

Winning bids for non-Ohio residents must be shipped to a licensed gun dealer.  They must fax, email, or mail a signed, current FFL license.  See “Buyer Information” tab for shipping information.   All firearms returned to us by your FFL due to your failure to pass the FBI Instant Check, will be sold at a future auction.  You will be issued a check for the proceeds less a 12% seller’s fee.

If you are not residing in the US, note that WWWCF does not have an export license.  Therefore you can only bid if you a dealer located in the US who has an export license.  Also, payment may only be made in US funds for a firearm won in the auction.  Items for non US residents will not be shipped until such time as the funds clear the bank.

Any paid winning bid that does not either provide the FFL information or is not picked up within three months, will be auctioned and a check sent to the original buyer less the seller’s consignment fee.

Consignors cannot bid on their own firearms nor are their identities disclosed.